Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blue Devil Season Is Here

Well... Here we go again- A new team and a new season. (16) players made the cut out of (35) hopefuls. (9) new faces and (7) returnees. (2) starters returning- No more twin towers!! It will be different and we will see in a big hurry what kind of team we have. It will be a process of patience, adversity, and adjustments. HOW EXCITING!! Come and watch us play. It will be a ton of fun...These guys have worked hard and that is a great start...

Thursday, August 9, 2007

USA/International Basketball Comparison

It has been an interesting 2007 summer to say the least and I would like to finish with a comparison of International and USA basketball.

If I had to make a choice, I would most certainly choose the way international basketball is played and officiated. I love the flow of the games, the quickness by which it is played with the (24) second clock, and the international rules. I love the (10) minute quarters. It gives the fans and teams a time to catch their breath and ready themselves for more excitement. I like the "use them or lose them" (2) timeouts in the 1st half and I absolutely love the fact that you CANNOT call timeout when the ball is in play. If your team is in trouble on the floor (ie-trapped), tough luck. If the defense has done their job, why should you be able to call time and bail yourself out? During the game, if you would like a timeout, you tell the scorers table and they will blow the horn when you can have one.

I also like the way the officials let the players play, looking only for major disadvantages, and if the players get a bit emotional on the floor, they mostly ignore them and let them rant a bit. I like it when freethrows are being shot, players are moving in and out of lane spots and no one complains. Just make your freethrows and shut up. I like the 5th foul per quarter rule to get into the 2 shot penalty. No 1 bonus 1 silliness. Is that a carnival rule? Remember when the NBA had the 3 to make 2 freethrow rule? I also greatly like the fact that the penalty starts over each quarter. That way, a team is not severely penalized for an entire half if they get the short end on some whistles.

I absolutely love the pregame introductions which start with (10) minutes remaining on the warmup clock. No one ever takes their teams off the floor during warmups. The entire team is introduced quickly and line up on respective freethrow lines. Each national anthem is played followed by handshakes and gift exchange. No starting lineups and NO ego checks. It is such a team thing! Once the introductions and handshakes are complete, the players have 3-4 minutes to shoot around some more.

International basketball has a certain flow and purity to it and is not bogged down by unnecessary whistles and rules. You have (8) seconds to get over half court, the (5) second closely guarded is never called, and (3) seconds in the lane is (3) seconds. DONT GET CAUGHT CAMPING! I know the USA keeps a close eye on the international flow of basketball and has moved a bit in that direction. It is my hope they continue.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Qatar defeats Japan

In their final game of the 2007 FIBA Asian Championships, Qatar came from behind to capture their 5th win, defeating host Japan 86-82. Qatar trailed the entire game and entered the 4th quarter on the short end of a 57-49 score. Qatar exploded for (37) 4th Quarter points, catching Japan with three minutes remaining. Qatar hit 53% of their shots while holding Japan to 40%. Japan knocked down (12) three pointers in the contest.

Qatar finished 7th in the (16) team FIBA Asian Tournament. Japan lost to Chnese Taipei and Qatar lost to Jordan to set up the match. Qatar's overall record was (5-3). Qatar lost to the 1st, 2nd, and 5th place teams Iran, Lebanon, and Jordan. Iran qualified for the Olympics with a stunning upset of Lebanon 74-69.

Qatar will land in Doha Tuesday morning at 5am. The team will be dismissed until the 15th of September. Eric Gardow, former UW Stout assistant and current Qatar National Team assistant coach has been elevated to Head Coach of the Qatar National Team.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Qatar Eliminated From Olympic Race

Qatar lost their second straight game in the 2nd Round to get bumped from the race for the lone Olympic spot in the 24th FIBA Asian Championships. Qatar lost back to back games to Lebanon and Iran which will keep them from advancing to the Final Four. Both Iran and Lebanon will advance with three teams still vying for the remaining two spots. Those teams are Korea, Kazakhstan, and Jordan. Qatar lost to Iran 94-86 in a game that saw Iran knock down (14) three pointers. Halftime score was Iran 44 Qatar 41.

In the remaining game on Thursday of the 2nd Round, Qatar downed Chinese Taipei 84-71. Qatar most likely will play Japan in the playoff round starting on Saturday. Sunday will be Qatar's final game before returning to Doha. Qatar is 4-2 in the Asian Tourney.

An interesting sidenote, is the typhoon that is blowing into Japan. The winds and rain as started and it could last 12 -24 hours.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ouch...Qatar Gets Thumped

Tournament favorite Lebanon proved exactly WHY they are the tournament favorite by downing a stunned Qatar team 90-68 in the 1st game of the 2nd Round of the Asian Championship in Japan. Lebanon was a step quicker than Qatar, firing on all cylinders, hitting 52% of their shots while holding Qatar to 37%. Qatar trailed 70-61 late in the 4th quarter but could not get any closer. Qatar must now win the final two games of the 2nd round or they will be eliminated from contention for the Olympic berth. It will be no easy task as Qatar will take on undefeated Iran in a 6pm tipoff.

The Top (8) teams in this tournament are so very good. They shoot the ball, drive and kick, rebound on both ends, and play outstanding defense on every possession. If you don't have your A game, you won't just get beat, you will get embarrassed.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Qatar to Face Lebanon

Qatar will face tournament favorite Lebanon on Tuesday at 6pm. Lebanon finished 2nd in their pool with the top two teams in each pool advancing. Qatar remained undefeated after a win over Kazakhstan on Monday in a hard fought battle 76-69. Both teams shot 42% from the field. In the Quarter Final Groupings, Qatar will face Lebanon, Iran, and Taipei. Once again, the top two teams in each group will advance into the semi finals.

Group I

Group II

FIBA Championship Basketball

The website to keep track of coach Eddie Andrist's Qatar team at the 24th FIBA Asia Championships, go to:

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